Boer Goat

Holgatfontein farm in Nigel, Tecumseh Boergoat stud, Boerbok Genepoel Genetics stud and Soetdorings Boergoat stud in Hoopstad supplies exclusively to Hoëveld Boerbok Vleis the following types of Boer Goats:

Selling of these unique Boer Goats meat is our contribution to your health and the health of our community.

Benefits of Eating Boer Goat MEAT.

By including Boerbok meat to your meals you'll enjoy meat that is delicious, humanely raised, high in protein, and is very low in cholesterol and fat. With less than a third of the fat of beef and fewer calories than chicken, goat meat has also less cholesterol. It is therefore now in demand in an increasingly health-conscious world.

How Does Boer Goat Taste?

Barely no difference in taste can be identified between Boer goat and lamb meat. You can prepare it in a variety of ways: Braai, grilled, roasted, braised, sautéed or made into your favourite sausage.
Our Boer Bok has a mild and delicate flavour because of the natural diet and high quality genetics.
Goat’s meat comes out tops in terms of total fat percentage, calories and cholesterol. Lamb contains more fat and double the calories per 100 mg.
The closest rival in the health stakes is ostrich fat and fewer calories.